A day trip out for older Chinese children or intermediate adult learners

Situation: You are planning to spend the coming weekend with your friend(s). Using the pictures below and your own ideas, write a blog entry about the activities you would like to do with him/her in about 200 words.

Useful vocabulary and phrases

Barbecue site (n) 燒烤場

Honey coated (adj) 覆蓋蜂蜜的

Chicken wings (n)

Meat balls (n)

Crowded (adj) 擁擠的

Charcoal (n) 炭

Fish balls (n)

Fresh vegetables (n)

A cycle track (n) 單車徑

Coast (n) 海岸

Bike (n)

Beach (n)

Marinated meat (n) 醃過的肉

Burnt (adj) 燒焦

Delicious (adj)

Attractions (n)

A two-pronged fork (n) 燒烤叉

Stove (n) 火爐

Lighter (n) 打火機

Sausages (n)

Appetite (n) 食慾

Marshmallow (n) 棉花糖

Tinfoil (n) 錫紙

Accident (n)

Spectacular (adj) 壯觀的

Stunning (adj) 令人驚嘆的

View (n)

New Territories


Rent (v) 租用

Racquets (n) 球拍

Sweat (v) 流汗

Well-known (adj) = famous = renowned

Competition (n)

A feathered 羽毛球shuttlecock (n)

Warm- up (v)


Exciting (adj)

Rituals (n) 儀式

Incense (n) 香火


Magnificent (adj) 華麗的

Statue (n) 雕像

Cultural (adj)

Religious (adj) 宗教的

Historical (adj)

Pray (v) 祈禱

Priest (n) 牧師

Spiritual (adj) 屬靈的

Impressive (adj) 令人印象深刻的

Digital camera (n)

Pose (v, n) 姿勢

Paint (n)

Paint brushes (n)

Canvas (n) 帆布

Artistic (adj) 藝術的

Relaxing (adj)

Landscapes (n)

Acrylics (n) 亞克力

Creative (adj) 創新的

Palette (n) 調色板

Sketching (n) 草繪

Nature lovers (n)

Easel (n) 畫架


Huddle (圍著)around the fire

To score a goal 進球得分

Pedal very fast

Pose for the camera

A place of worship (祭祀)

Express (表達)feelings and emotions

Smell of the charcoal

Feel the breeze

Have personal freedom

Capture (捕捉)the moments

  1. B) Underline the correct grammar features
  • (Simple present/ simple past/ future/ present perfect) tense
  • (Formal/ Informal) English
  • Use more adjectives to describe the pictures and your feeling
  1. C) Cohesion by using connectives

Here is a list of common linking words.

First action





  • First
  • First of all
  • To begin with
  • To start with





  • Then
  • Next
  • After that
  • In addition
  • Besides
  • What’s more
  • Moreover
  • Furthermore
  • At the end
  • To sum up
  • To recap
  • To conclude
  • Finally
  • In short
  • Because
  • Because of
  • On account of
  • Owing to
  • Since
  • ..due to…
  • However
  • Nevertheless
  • But
  • Although
  • Yet




  1. D) Use Someone/ somebody, anyone/ anybody, no one/ nobody/none/ something, anything, nothing and none


e.g. Nobody should miss the wonderful scenery there!


  1. E) Read the question carefully:

Who am I?

· _______________________

Your reader(s)?

· ________________________

Text type?

· ________________________

Put a


· Formal semi-formal informal





l Past Tense or Present Tense or Future Tense

How many parts do you have to write?

l ___________________

What are they?

l __________________________________________

l __________________________________________

l _________________________________________


  1. F) Write your own outline before you start writing

Headline and Date



1st paragraph

(Reason for your writing)







Body :

(2 paragraphs- main ideas)





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